Drama Llamas On A Train©"

A children’s storybook

The Red Karma Brahma named Zane is in for quite a ride when he boards the train. He has no idea that he will be traveling with one hundred-fifty Drama Llamas who live up to their name. Arguments will be heard, even over the rain. They give him such headaches. They almost seem wild, not tame. Will he be able to escape all the Drama Llama chatter chatter?

Product details

Author: Debby K. Frederickson

Publisher: Heavy Metal Mining [HMMC], Springfield, MO 

Copyright: 2019©

Language: English

Description: Full color & beautifully illustrated

Ages: 7-11

Kindle Edition [Print Replica] 

Pages: 63

File Size: 53 mb

ISBN 13: 978-1-952319-07-5

$8.99 USD

Apple eBook Format

Pages: 61

File Size: 39.2 mb

ISBN 10: 0-9754703-9-6

ISBN 13: 978-0-9754703-9-8

$8.99 USD

Not available at this time

Drama Llamas On A Train©"

Apple eBook Multimedia Version

Apple’s fabulous multimedia format makes for great effects.  Train sounds, popup conversations, and animation makes for more fun reading!

Product details

Apple eBook Format

Pages: 61

File Size: 50.8 mb

ISBN 13: 978-1-952319-12-9

$10.99 USD

A book preview of the first 3 pages

NOTE: Definitions of words are different on the various book platforms

• Apple’s eBook version has a built in glossary and also uses pop-ups. 

• Kindle Fire is a print replica.  The eBook maintains the formatting and layout of their print editions. Has an asterisk (*) with the definitions at the bottom of the page.

Book Preview

Kindle Fire version - [Print Replica] 

Book Preview

eBook version

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